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Manary, gastronomy, art. This is the essence of our craft. For fifteen years, Manary has been offering delightful moments, memorable experiences and sparkling celebrations, beautifully complemented by all the delicious dishes still fragrant in the memories of the guests we have had the privilege to serve. Manary gastronomy and art, with a wonderful ocean view, pursues a Brazilian gastronomy with no boundaries. Our cuisine bases on the okra and the pumpkin, on the local shrimp and sun-dried beef, with elegant presentations that match the contemporary dining expectations of guests from all over the world. Our desserts - very desirable - promisse to take you to a neat journey to meet the happiness. While your meal is being meticulously prepared in the kitchen, relax by savoring a fine bottle of wine, enjoying the company of your friends & family, or simply admiring the picturesque moon rising at Ponta Negra.



Bread basket, scented butter, Argentinian chimichurri and spread of the day.

Mini Brusquetas
Mini toasts with regional butter cheese and fried plantain (6 units).

Camarões Empanados (Breaded Shrimps)
Deep-fried shrimps served with wasabi mayonnaise.

Casquinha de Carangueijo (Crab Meat)
Crab meat marinated with vegetables and coconut milk. With crisp toasts.

Octopus with Sweet Potatoes
The sweet potatoes spiced with paprika and the Octopus comes with two sauces, the traditional spicy and a bacon aioli.

Pastéis Variados (Assorted Dumplings)
Fried dumplings filled with cured beed and creamy cheese, Regional cheese and shrimp, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil (6 units)

Ceviche de Carne de Sol ( Cured Beef Ceviche)
Marinated in sour juices, served with sweet potatos chips (6 units).

Tartare do Sol
An international cuisine classic, served here with cured beef, fried manioc and caja fruit reduction with hot peppers.

Classic thin-sliced beef seasoned with capers, djon mustard ans parmesan cheese. Served with arugula leaves and toasts.

OYSTER MENU (Purified Oyster)
Cold Oysters
* In natura ( 4 units)
* Vinaigrette ( 4 units )
* In orange balsamic oil ( 4 units )

Hot Oysters
* In pineapple with a mix of fig and butter cheesse (4 units)
* In honey with ginger, flambé in congnac (4 units )
* Sardinian cheese gratin (4 units )
* In tempura with avocado mayonnaise and barbeucue ( 4 units)


Salada Caprese (Caprese Salad)

Arugula (Rocket), fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and parmesan tuile.

Salada Grega (Greek Salad)
Cucumbers, onions and tomatoes scented with lemon, oregano and olive oil, served with green leaves and yogurt dressing.

Salada Thai (Thai Salad)
Grilled tenderloin or chicken slices and vegetables seasoned with ginger and soy sauce, served with a "rice paper salad" wrap.

Salada de Camarões e Abacate (Avocado and Shrimp Salad)
Grilled shrimps over pistachio-crusted avocado, green leaves and grapefruit segments.

FISH (Dourado or Sirigado)

Peixe Moqueca (Fish Moqueca)
w/ Baked with a coconut crust, served with a re-lecture of the traditional “moqueca” sauce and corn couscous.

Peixe Crocante (Crispy Fish)
Grilled in potato crust over a aracacha purée and orange velouté, capers and parsley.

Peixe na Mantinha de Ervas (Fish wrapped in herbs)
Roasted “sirigado” fish steak, wrapped in herbs with oriental jasmine rice and orange sauce.

Peixe Glaceado (Glazed Fish)
Grilled "badejo" fish with oriental sauce with ginger an lemon, Plantain Bananas Puree, bread farofa and sweet tomato confit.
Peixe na Folha de Couve (Fish on cabbage)
Roasted and filled with crab cream and garnished with plantain fruit purée and red rice northeast risotto.


Rendez-vous do caipira e da sereia

Grilled shrimp with bittersweet honey and cashew nuts flakes with pumpkin risotto, charque meat, coalho cheese and crispy cabbage.

Marroquino Arretado
Sauteed shrimps in fresh tomato sauce, flavored with honey, cinnamon, saffron and a bit of pepperoni pepper, apricots and chickpeas. Served with couscous, zucchini, mint and almonds.

Arroz de Polvo do Jaime (Our honor to Jaime Barcelos Ostradamus Restaurant / Santa Catarina)
Octopus rice with oyster sauce, comes with baroa potato arancino stuffed with oyster in coalho cheese and regional banana puree.

Matuto Metido a Besta (Shrimp with fresh herbs & Tapioca gnocchi)
The matuto shrimp is rich in aroma with a fresh herbs powder By it´s side a delicated tapioca and curd cheese gnocchi with fresh tomatoes souce, baked whole grains, nuts and spices.

Camarão Manary (Manary Shrimp)
Tossed and sautéed in a spicy mango chutney. Served with vegetables stir-fried rice, finished with a balsamic reduction.

Misto di Mare
Amazing hot plate with grilled delights as lobster, shrimp, fish, squid, fruits and vegetable. Our tribute to Eduardo Bagnoli, the Manary´s founder. ( for 3)


Galinhada do Mar
(Prato da Boa Lembrança 2017)
Stuffed squid with rice and country chicken, roasted vegetables and jus.

Balaio da Terra
Shredded chicken and sun dried beef, braised on butter, with local rice and spices. Snoubar, mint and crispy onions complete the dish.

Tradicional Sun-dried beef
Sun-dried beef finely shredded sautéed with onions and cilantro. Served with yuka, regional-style creamy rice and fresh black-eye peas (serve 2 people).

Filé Osvaldo Aranha (Beef Osvaldo Aranha)
Two pieces of tenderloin grilled with sliced garlic a pan-roasted sauce, duchesse potatoes with bacon scallions, sautéed broccoli and bread crumbs.

“Sertão” Fillet
Grilled fillet beef covered by a blanket of butter cheese and “xerém” of cashew nut. Comes with rustic manioc and cheese pie, Grilled in a local butter and fresh vinaigrette hot peppers.

Montadinho de Frango
Grilled Chiken beef served with baked potatoes, sautéed green vegetables, quinoto and spicy chutney.


Baião de Todos

Creamy Brazilian "Risotto" with beans, fish, shrimp, octopus, pumpkin, bell pepper, onions, garlic, regional cheese, cashew nut and fresh herbs.

Risotto com Camarões (Shrimp Risotto)
Classic italian risotto scented with lemon zest, garnished with 3 tiger shrimps.

Arroz de Frutos do Mar (for 1 or 3 people)
Spanish-style rice with squid, octopus, fish, shrimps, bell peppers and saffron.

By Introducing the new Manary menu, we would like to invite you to enjoy a new gastronomic experience, full of new concepts, new flavors and new perceptions.

Coconut Ceviche
Green coconut slices seasoned with lemon-based sauce, extra virgin olive oil, onion, coriander and pepper. Comes with sweet potato chips.

Quinoa and Avocado Salad
Seasoned quinoa with vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, damascus, avocado cream, radish, fresh leafy on herb sauce.

Ratatouille Lasagna
Slices of eggplant, zucchini, potato, tomato and roasted onions with tomato homemade sauce, served with vegan parmesan and cashew nuts in the base.

Banana Gnocchi with chestnut sauce
Banana Gnocchi served with white sauce and the base of cashew nuts and white wine and crispy leeks.

Tartlet of dates and chocolate ganache
Date cake, cocoa and chestnut stuffed with Belgian chocolate ganache 63% cocoa and avocado, served with strawberry coulis.

Over the years, the growing affirmation of vegan philosophy by society, has been solidifying a true revolution in gastronomy. One of its principles is to have a 100% food of vegetal origin, with no meat or animal derivatives such as eggs, honey or dairy products. And so it is, through this five-way autoral menu (from entry to dessert), that we open space for you to tread your own way in this new cuisine, which has the power to heal, to bring the joy and to feed the soul.
Deborah Sá


Torta "Dirmantêlo” (Chocolate Pie)
A classic dessert of the house, a chocolate pie, served hot with whipped cream.

Petit Gateau de Limão Siciliano (Lemon flourless cake)
Almonds cake filled with white chocolate ganache served with a vanilla ice cream.

Petit Gateau de Goiabada (Guava Melting Cake)
Guava cake with a melted filing, served hot with a red wine and guava coulis, and tapioca ice cream.

Ganache de Chocolate com Cristais de Maracujá
(Dark Ganache Chocolate with Passion Fruit Crystals)

Dark ganache chocolate with passion fruit crystals
s served with “cajá” ice cream, crispy coconut candy and sago pearls.

Santa Manga (Holy Mango)
Fresh mango sorbet hit with lemongrass served with cajá liquor.

Manary Caps
Encapsulated with crems in Belgian chocolate, comes with cinnamon ice cream.

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