Manary, in the language spoken by the Potiguara native Americans who lived in the region, means "The Spirit of Well-Being". The neo-colonial architecture recalls tradition and is the setting for renowned Northeastern hospitality. The outstanding decoration blends antiques "unearthed" on farms and sugar plantations in the region and art and craft works by well-known Northeastern artists.Manary has 23 beautifully decorated and well-equipped rooms. The Hotel also offers a bar, restaurant, swimming pool, Spa, Free wi-fi internet in the apartment and in the pool and room service on request.. Manary is indicated by the most famous local and international Travel Guides to be the best hotel in Natal and on Ponta Negra beach.

Environmental and Social Commitments

Since its creation the Hotel has as one of its main objectives the harmonious coexistence with the Community and the privileged Nature that surround it. The Hotel adopts a modern Code of Environmental Conduct, created and pioneered in Brazil by the Roteiros de Charme Association - a document that has the seal of UNEP (United Nations Environment Program).

Roteiros de Charme Association Environmental Code of Conduct

For sustainable development, meeting current needs cannot compromise the needs of future generations. With this in mind, we have incorporated the Code of Ethics and Environmental Conduct that we have developed for this Association into our Standards and Procedures, also applicable to the entire hotel industry, available in its entirety at, with the following guidelines:

  • Ensure the support and participation of the main partners and administrators in the implementation of environmental practices and involve in the program everyone who works or provides services to the company, as well as their families.
  • Identify and reduce environmental impacts and risks, including when planning new projects and constructions, with a view to preserving the local scenery, fauna and flora.
  • Control and decrease the use of products that are adverse to the environment, such as asbestos, CFCs, pesticides and toxic, corrosive, infectious, explosive and flammable materials.
  • Respect religious and historical sites and objects, the host population, their cultural values ​​and traditions.
  • Conserving energy, eliminating superfluous lighting and using, whenever possible, alternative sources, low-consumption lamps and automatic control equipment, such as timers, sensors and thermostats.
  • Avoid waste and reduce water consumption, checking for leaks, collecting and making use of rainwater whenever possible, trying to use showers, valves and equipment that enable better control and reduction of your need.
  • Adopt the 3 Rs of environmental awareness: reduce, reuse and recycle. Analyze the demand for recyclable materials and the flow of solid waste from the company, identifying the main components of waste produced for the purpose of proper storage and recycling. Avoid the use of disposable products and non-recyclable plastic containers.
  • Eliminate the indiscriminate burning of garbage, pastures and deforestation.
  • Prevent any leakage of untreated sewage or chemicals harmful to health, in the sea, rivers, springs and water reservoirs. Add bacteria that consume organic matter to the existing traditional pits and provide ecological pits for the new projects, located in places not served by the municipal sewage system.
  • Reduce noise and air pollution, reducing noise emissions and, whenever possible, installing filters in exhaust fans and replacing refrigerant gases with types that do not harm the ozone layer.

Fone: +55 84 3204 2900 / 84 98148 2573

The hotel is 100% non-smoking

R. Francisco Gurgel, 9067 • Praia de Ponta Negra
Natal • RN • CEP: 59090-050 • Brasil